Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hysteria #3

I started making comics in the late 90s when I got myself out of a writer's block by drawing what I wanted to write. A few months into that the sequences began to take more form and reach conclusions. I ended up with a series of short stories done as comics and collected them into a perfect bound self published whole called Hysteria. This was intended to have four issues, reflecting the four seasons and anything I felt like projecting on to that idea but I only got as far as #2.

In other areas of this blog I've put up a few shorter pieces from #3 and, finding the main story again in its pencil original (which predated both the printed editions) I thought I might as well just put it up here. I did start inking this to a better standard on Bristol card at a scale of a panel per A4 sheet. I think that's where things started dragging for me and I turned my attention elsewhere.

I still like the story, though, so here it is, a story in a letter with photographs from the days of film photography and prints from the chemist: Adrift.


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